Intelligent Transportation Systems

511 Traveler Information Systems

Our 511 traveler information product is a suite of fully integrated systems that assimilate multiple data sources and provides personalized information via a website, mobile app and social media.

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511 Website

Our 511 website provides comprehensive multi-modal traveler information and intelligently adapts to a wide range of screen sizes from PC to mobile devices. The personalized MY511 allows users to tailor the traveler information to their needs.

Mobile App

Our mobile app is "traveler information central" in your palm for Android and iOS devices. Location-aware services simplify your decisions on the go.

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Event Management Systems

Our Incident Management product suite includes an event management system and a real-time, geographic-based incident notification system.

Data Analytics and Warehousing

Our proven Data Analytics and Warehousing product provides a robust platform for acquiring, processing, fusing, distributing, and storing a wide range of ITS and Smart City application data.

Smart Data Hub

Our Data Hub assimilates information from different data sources for dissemination on various information platforms. Our data processing engines work with legacy data sources and provide full time monitoring over data quality. Source data is acquired, processed, and archived in highly secured cloud-based hosting environment.

Standards-based Data Management System

In support of multi-agency operations, our Data Analytics and Warehousing product features the latest industry data standards, including TMDD, IEEE 1512, etc.

Data Visualization

Our Data Visualization module provides real-time monitoring and review of device and system performance using intuitive charts and reports.

Travel Time Dissemination System

Our Travel Time Dissemination System provides an end-to-end integration that turns traffic detector data into travel time information for dissemination on Dynamic Message Signs and other traveler information outlets.

Travel Time Dissemination System

Our Travel Time Dissemination System works with numerous types of traffic detectors, including inductive loop, radar, wireless puck, and third-party subscription data. Corridor travel time is computed and aggregated across detector stations. Our sign control system is capable of posting the travel time information on any NTCIP-compliant sign.