Water and Wastewater

Software Development

Our custom software solutions are tailored to meet the needs of individual organizations, developed utilizing the latest software development technologies, and the best architectures available. Our associates have extensive background and experience in developing custom software solutions beginning with initial analysis, development, user acceptance testing, and implementation of solutions. We recognize all businesses have different needs and the software needs to be customized to fit these unique business processes.

System Integration

OZ Engineering has developed scalable, effective and affordable systems integration utilizing well established architectures. As a company independent of a particular vendor, we are committed to working with your existing infrastructure, such as an established EAI or ESB based SOA, and providing you with an unbiased solution tailored to your needs. We have developed several business applications, integrated several SCADA, Asset Management, and Financial Management systems such as Oracle and SAP. Systems integration allows for data sharing and flow of work processes between multiple IT business systems across locations and users. Integrated systems provide immediate access to concise information generating improved reporting, better informed users, and increased awareness of information.

Controls Automation

Control automation is key to the modern water and wastewater management systems. Our Control Automation product includes real-time communications, real-time on-line monitoring, user interface and automated analysis and reports.

Instrumentation and Communications

Our extensive experience in implementing highly effective process automation solutions ensures optimum treatment performance and efficient energy and chemical usage are met. Whether your automation needs are for a new plant or process, or for a retrofit of an existing system, we can assess your automation requirements and design an effective solution to meet your needs. Our solutions utilize reliable and accurate instrumentation and monitoring technologies, modern control products and systems configured and programmed for sophisticated and precise process control with an intuitive user interface. We can provide services from conceptual control system design, development of detailed design drawings and specifications, and implementation services including installation, programming, start-up and commissioning.